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12.04.46 - Mark

Big Box Stores can sap business away from small chains and local stores. I've seen cases where a Walmart SuperCenter came in got a shit load of benefits from the city - like extending utility lines outside the city limits, and the day it opened closed down a smalller store. Sure I like the savings, but some of the stuff they produce is crap, and the data mining operations kind of kill privacy. I'm not a big fan of using my SSN on every legal document I've every seen I'm certainlly not handing one over to walmarts (ie check cashing) Anyways these stores move to bigger and bigger locations and leave the old location standing. Enter BigBoxreuse.com, an online project documenting some creative reuses of these old shells. some of the ideas are pretty neat, and I gotta give credit to Austin, MN and the Spam Museum. Not only did they use a bigbox shell, they've also turned it into a major tourist trap - in the recent trip to Chicago my family took Matt got wind of it and wanted to go, so they might be onto something.

Still a neat site/project. I hope they find some other examples of bigbox reuse and stick them up.

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