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21.18.25 - Mark

I'm not usually the type that goes on diets or exercise routines but I've been finding that the most enjoyable way of listing to the podcasts I'm downloading is going for walks. Driving costs money (gas) and is limited to roads (boring) and I can't wear headphones which means suffering tough jerryrigged audio solutions (flaky FM transmitters or old cassette adapters). So I've been loading up my iPod with podcasts and going for walks. I can go where I want easily, I can control how long I'm out easier and it is indisputably healthier. Last night I went out for about 40 minutes to an hour around the neighborhood tonight I was out for about 90 minutes on the greenway walking trail. I didn't realize how well thought out it was until I walked it at night and periodically checking my iPod for time markers. Along the trail there are a few fences, and while walking it I realized that with an average pace they start/end about 10 minutes apart. Pretty neat. So I now have a set of markings, along the greenway at least for 10 minutes intervals.

And I'm not sure what's will al the locals thinking its cold. 40 degrees with just a hint of wind chill is nothing. -10 before windchill is cold. My walks have been perfectly enjoyable, and assuming the podcasts don't die out I'll probably stick to the walks.

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