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01.55.36 - Mark

Found a webhost that looks like its reliable, well reviewed, provides quality servers, plenty of bandwidth and is dirt cheap.

I have been thinking about leasing serverspace for a while now (beyond what I'm doing with trificient) because I'm having any number of headaches with the box I set up. I like sandboxes but I don't like headaches when trying to do something for profit. (I'm getting bad about these tangents) Anyways I was flipping though my RSS feeds and a plug/deal for Dreamhost came up. This is amazing

800MB storage
120GB transfer/mo
3 domains/15subdomains
600 mailboxes
Unlimited MySQL Databases
1 free domain name
and No Setup Cost (which is where good deals tend to go bad)

for a grand total of $10 for my first year (don't know about after that) but for a basis for my commercial endeavors thats a great deal.

Here's how to do it- go to the above link, click on the main image, select the lowend packege (crazy domain insane) for 1 year and fill out all the info. When you get towards the end (verify total) enter in "777" as a promotional code. That should chop off ~$100 and make the 1 year cost a measly $10. Not too bad. Took only a few minutes to register aside from picking a domain name and its processing pretty quick. Payment took a minute, the domain was registered in under ten, supposedly the server should be online in a few more minutes and I might have this blog hosted on the server by Wednesday (possibly).

Don't know how good they will end up being but hey at $10 for a year with a domain name, it's pretty hard to go wrong... (*knocks on wood)

Fun Fun Fun (you can tell I'm a geek - 2 am and the best I can talk about is finding a dirt cheap webhost)

Update Almost the moment I published this I got a stream of emails from them. Web, FTP, Mail are all set up and just waiting for the DNS to cycle though, tho' I could access everything though the generic server address if I wanted to. I also learned they have a referral program, so if you're looking for a cheap hosting provider please go ahead and click on the link above and sign up. Hell at $10 what do you have to loose?

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