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18.27.21 - Mark

My brothers are so entrenched in bullshit they're using it as ammunition. I was surfing the web and saw a note on NASA upping the odds of the Earth colliding with an asteroid in 2029 (something like a 3% chance). I mentioned this to my brothers (something now listed as "against my better judgment") and instantly they fire off "It doesn't matter Nostrodamus says the earth will end in 2014". I try and explain how those predictions are bullshit unless they picked up a mix of Latin, French, and Greek without telling anyone. But of course I'm wrong, I'm always wrong with Matt even if I'm right, and Nostradamus is this brilliant soothsayer who of course, knows more than a bunch of rocket scientists at NASA.

This is one of those situations where I wish I had Penn and Teller's BULLSHIT! on DVD so I could pop it in and show them that Nostrodamus' predictions are less ancient writer and more money hungry idiots manipulating 16th century writings to reflect current events. I dare anyone reading this to find a single Nostrodamus prediction that, from the original texts - none of the adjusted meaning/interruption crap, was accurate before the event. You won't find one, because its all in the interruptions coming from his nut-case followers.

At least this argument was at home. A few days ago they were attacking my personal beliefs (humanist/bright) in packed restaurant so loud I'm surprised no one came over to the table to tell them to shut the hell up (not that they would have). I honestly don't know how I can possibly be related to them...

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Anonymous - 20:52:00 / 2004.12.27 #

That isn't how it went, asshole.

Nostradamus made a bunch of bullshit predictions, that obviously never came true. I'm sure you'll agree. But some of his quatrains were also extremely coincidental.

At five and forty degrees, the sky will burn,
Fire approaches the great new city,
Immediately a huge, scattered flame leaps up,
When they want to have verification from the Normans.

(Normans being a word for North Americans, and five and forty (45) degrees being New York's location).

But then again, you have probably been reading the hoax predictions, that within whatever article you were reading, have been debunked. But no, you've got your head so far up your ass that you can't accept that there were some fucking COINCIDENCES. Matt and I said nothing more than that. We thought these COINCIDENCES were interesting.

So, here, Mark, why don't you write a thousand vague quatrains, cryogennically freeze yourself, and see how many of them came out true.

And you know, I won't say anything about the fight at Bob Evans except for the fact that you were being an ignorant hypocritical asshole.

Anonymous - 21:17:00 / 2004.12.27 #

Jeez, look at a map!

NYC is at 40 degrees north, not 45.

The things that always get in the way of believing Nostradamus are facts!

Mark - 21:45:00 / 2004.12.27 #

Normans were also a scandinavian people in europe well before 1500, how do you know he wasn't recording history Mike (annoying brat brother too smug to post under his blogger account).

He didn't make predictions, he wrote simple quatrains in a random mixture of Latin, Greek, and French which are so grammatically inconsistent they leave worlds of possibilities for nut cases wanting to make a quick buck off the incredible ignorant consumer.

when rightly called into question those "translators" spew excuses like "he used codes" and "it had a different meaning then" and other stupid excuses plausible enough to fool the average ignoramus (like yourself). When you really look into the stuff with open eyes you'll see it can't hold water, with or without his "true believers" patching the holes with bullshit.

But go ahead be inexcusably stupid, Mike, you've been doing a very good job of that recently.

Anonymous - 23:36:00 / 2004.12.27 #


"Five and forty degrees" means the FIVE boroughs of New York City located at FORTY degrees.

The "new city" COULD (and for all intensive purposes will) allude to NYC.

"flames" is pretty self-explanatory. If you don't get it, you don't deserve to talk about more than Sesame Street, don't cha know?

I'll admit "Normans" throws me for a loop. However, I cannot get it into context with any translator. Something about jumping or proof. Alas, 3 out of 4 isn't bad and 100% of what I've been able to translate is true.

Nextly, predictions are difficult. To plan prevention requires thinking offensively, like the attacker. Notrodamus merely saw an event prior to occurance, his life wasn't devoted to saving anybody. Obviously, the psuedo-cryptic nature of any prophecy (or even anything written before Shakespeare)is only left to post-facto evaluation. Prophecy isn't meant to do anything but make one aware, and if we (society in general) didn't move so quickly to discredit/disregard Notrodamus we WOULD HAVE BEEN.

Moving on, I said nothing about your humanist beliefs (which oddly enough is generally accepting of God. Boo-yah!)

And because thought organization is difficult for me, I merely chimed in that Rosanne belives herself to be paranormal (v. abnormal) and has "predicted" the end. Then I added that I've heard Notrodamus has too. I said I found it "entertaining."

Finally, I have no clue where you got off talking about 9-11 and that prediction. Initially I had rejected it, but now I'm excepting. My logical mental progressions have led me to be more accepting of it, whereas yours have not. It is unfair, however, for you to ATTACK me (and Mike) because of this.

...and another thing, when I asked you seriously what NASA had come to learn (or interpret facts to their liking, as it were) you gave me a snide remark. That was unfair and unwarranted.


--the not always right, but more frequently correct than Mark, brother of Mark, the artificial humanist


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