01.43.53 - Mark

A while back I posted on "Feed Envy" and my love of RSS feeds (they really are great) Anyways I'm now up past 125 feeds and I figured it was about time to post them (I've been an RSS junkie for over 2 months now). So a couple of file exports and a little tweaking later I have uploaded a list of my subscritpions with title, site designated descriptions, rss/atom location (hyperlinked) and site location (also hyperlinked). Over a day that list will pull down 700+ items.

List brought to you by random web surfing, blogs, NetNewsWire Lite, OmniOutliner Version 3.0 (beta 7), and the standards OPML and html/css.

The unedited OPML file is also available here if you want to try and add my feeds to your own RSS reader. (You'll probably need to save it to your local drive)

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