Damed Christians

22.53.38 - Mark

Just went in search of an open store and there is NOTHING open. I know its Christmas and all that but why must everything be closed because one faith chooses to have a holiday on that day. I didn't see anything close down for the winter solstice, I don't think anyone closed down on account of Yom Kippur, Nobody bothers to do much on Work-a-holics Day (Since it pops in over the 4th of July Weekend) Why then do we let one group of nut-cases place our economic systems in a strangle hold?

It's irritating. I think I'll throw my support behind Dogbert Day. That legislation will clear out some of the other riff raft...

(not meant to be a grinch, its just frustrating to have nearly everything in the USA closed because a percentage of the population wants to celebrate a possibly fictional birthday)

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Anonymous - 19:06:00 / 2004.12.27 #

The "Damed Christians" as you call them, make up more than 75 percent of the American population. And because those "damed Christians" who make up more than 75 percent of the population *do* make up 75 percent of the population, the other twenty-something percent are essentially screwed. Get used to it.

Now, because the "damed Christians" who take up 75 percent of the population have been celebrating the possibly fictional birthday of their supposed Lord and savior for x-hundred years, they're not likely to change their habits about going to work on this possibly fictional birthday. Again, get used to it.

And by the way, I'm sure the Jews who celebrate Yom Kippur appreciate the sentiment. But obviously, would you, a Humanist, want the Jewish faith imposed upon you by having to honor a religion that you have never, or will ever, be a part of? Didn't think so.

Happy New Year. (Something I'm sure you don't have an issue with.)

Mark - 21:53:00 / 2004.12.27 #

Shit you're dense. I don't want anything closed for bullshit holidays. Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, anything. Furthermore there are no solid statistics proving that 75% of the American population is Christian. You've got many who don't bother going to church every week, and you've got a solid number who don't bother doing as much as the twice a year thing.

And assuming this is my lazy, arrogant, pig of a brother Mike, I was out trying to find something to cook so you could eat. So shove your tween habits and pull your own head out of your ass.

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