19.01.29 - Mark

Been a long couple of days. While we were shopping on Wednesday night
Chicago saw a few snow flakes, but not a lot. Enter lake effect snow
and nearly everything east and south of us got pounded. Half of Indiana
was shut down Tuesday morning, and even more of the interstates are
closed down. Murphy's law bites again. I'll get back to the weather in
a minute

So we got a later start that I would have liked which ment we could
only say goodbye to the grandparents then went downtown again so we
could see Spamalot. It rocked. Our seats were horrible (couldn't see
the upper half of the stage) and there were some uncouth ass holes
reciting lines and singing along with some of the songs (I was getting
real close to turning around and biting their heads off in the second
act) but we still saw most of the stage. Everything else was just
amazing. Songs were amusing, several new ones and longer versions of
the classics (I especially liked "I Am Not Dead Yet", "You Won't
Succeed on Broadway" and "The Song That Goes Like This") They really
did do a good job of converting the movie to a musical. By the end Matt
and I were in agreement that we needed to get the CD ASAP so on the way
out he filled out a pre-order form and he came out with a new shirt.

So we hit the road soon afterwards and started barreling to
Indianapolis. By the time we got to the south side the roads were
getting pretty bad (foot of snow easy - and despite plowing the roads
were still covered) and it was getting late so we stopped got some food
and slept. I would have posted something and updated my podcasts at the
hotel but, while they had internet access I didn't have an ethernet
cable (I know bad geek) and with subzero temperatures I wasn't in a
mood to go war driving at midnight.

It is a good thing it was Indiana and not North Carolina - they would
bee shut down for a couple weeks in this weather. Since even more roads
were shut down in south Indiana we elected to go east. Even going that
way there are cars trapped in a couple feet of snow in the median and
the shoulder. There was a whole semi (truck and trailer) that was just
flat on its side. Even on this stretch of road a few rest areas are
closed up. Pretty bad.

Hopefully it will clear up a little further east (Ohio) and we can make
up some time. For now, we're taking it slow so we don't end up off the

*mark goes back to listing to podcasts
(finished just west of the Indiana/Ohio border)

revision Since I'm too lazy to edit all of the above I'm making
this foot note. Ohio Was even worse than Indiana. Keep in mind Ohio
roads start off a lot worse than those in the rest of the USA. There
was broken ice from basically the border to Columbus and then some.
There were a few places where the interstate traffic was at a
standstill for 20 or 30 minutes at a time. It took about 4 hours to go
150 miles. Just absolutly terrible. Once we got past Columbus I took
over and it got better, so I made up some time, but it seemed like it
took days to get though that shit hole state (the last time we went
though Ohio was nearly as bad - and that was mid summer) Once we turned
south there was no one on the road and we made up more time. I took us
though a good part of West Virginia before switching off for the last
time. A word to the wise. NEVER travel at night on December 24th. There
is NOTHING open. Even walmarts are closed down. I blame christians. One
third of the general population of Earth should not have the power to
shut down EVERYTHING. Its screwed up beyond belief. Ugg and don't get
me started on xmas songs. Video games don't cause holiday violence, a
month of 24/7 christmas songs do.

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