Yesterday was long. Really long

11.27.25 - Mark

Road trips are never quick and simple, but with three of us driving we made pretty good time and got into the hotel around 12 PM EST. Having a bunch of DVDs made it go pretty quick. Matt watched on his laptop, mike watched a couple on mine, and I put few hours on my iPod. I did my share of the driving in Kentucky and Indiana. Kentucky was nice. Nothing major there, and on my second leg we started seeing some precipitation when I was just south of Indianapolis and when we sat down to dinner a few minutes north is started snowing :) Not any of that small snow, the lightly falling big stuff. Didn't make conditions too bad, just made the road damp until we crossed into Illinois, where it was lightly covering the road, but unlike NC they were prepared and had salt trucks out. So even that wasn't too bad. As I'm typing this up there's still some signs of snow, but a lot of the roads are melted clear. All that solar energy and salt is melting it off despite the cold (7 oF and a good bit of windchill) Anyways now to argue what we're going to do this afternoon, and I seem to be the only one with the ability to connect to the free wifi...

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