Better Security Though Insecurity

16.18.03 - Mark

Boing Boing pointed out a blog post on Burglers and feeling "secure" Its something I have seen and pointed out several times, but people don't get it.

All the technology is the world isn't compensating for your stupidity.

People, even the dumbest of them, are still capable of things computers have yet to achieve - cognition. We can put things together in our minds faster than microprocessors and form better connections than the best mapping and search applications out there.

In terms of security a screen door might be better protection that a 1 foot thick lead door with a dozen locks, biometric scanning, and a platoon of armed guards because people will be more aware of their environment.

The same thing works with traffic control -the fewer signs and regulations there are the more alert drivers need to be. There are some small cities that are adopting this policy, but a more common example is a big box store parking lot (mall, walmart, target, etc) There are only a few signs and road markings, but drivers tend to be more alert in that environment.

Kevin Mitnick makes similar arguments in The Art of Deception but doesn't argue the side of less physical security (although does point out how its easy to bypass)

People are lazy, if you take away the high tech, often fallible tools they use for "security" you force them to perk up and pay attention. If you do that intruders, or terrorists, will get caught much faster

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