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13.17.21 - Mark

Gotta love our government. Some guy taking drugs though airport security and was caught is arguing that drugs don't pose a risk to national security and the search that discovered them was therefore unlawful. I've got my own stance of regulated substances, but the funny thing in this case is every time his lawyers as a question about airport security the federal goons are objecting since its a "matter of national security" This includes even obvious questions lawyers ask to establish a scene or give a witness creditability (Yes I did enjoy participating in Mock Trial competitions).

So if they ask "Mr. Airport Screener, do the x ray terminals display information on a 2 dimentional screen?"
the state promptly yells "I object (citing BS national security reason)"

Another question
Defense "Do metal detectors beep?"
State "I Object (cites BS national security reason)"

You know we can't have that in court. Who knows what the terrorists discover that xrays are 2D and metal detectors beep...

Cory Doctorow's Boing Boing Post on the trial

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