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10.46.49 - Mark

Woohoo. The US government under the Bush administration is find new and
different ways of screwing up the economy and nation security - by
shutting down the GPS system. We're not talking about Selective
Avalibility (which is fine since it only adapts the signal by a few
meters and is still commercially avalible), href="http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?
positioning_satellites" target="_new">we're talking about shutting down
the whole *&^%ing thing
, under "only the most remarkable
circumstances" of course but thats what? Alert level red which can go
on indefinitely? Maybe we'll shut it down in the event of another 9/11
like we did the airports. Oh wait. What about the fact that GPS is
invaluable to search and rescue?

furthermore we're not happy screwing around with our own system we're
going to muck around with the emerging EU system Galileo - which if you
go back and look at is being developed for exactly this reason. They
got tired of the US having sole control over GPS and SA, so they
started building their own network independent of the US (in other
words, the EU doesn't have their collective heads shoved up their
collective asses)

Considering that there are any number of business applications for GPS
its not a good thing to consider shutting down the system for any
reason for any ammount of time. Hell I bet chickenlittle screaming "the
sky is falling" would be acceptible reason to shut down the network.

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