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18.08.08 - Mark

Yep Got the iPod and I've loaded it up with my music and podcasts. Listing to one of the latter now by some initial impressions. I'm a little surprised by how heavy the iPod is, its pretty dense but thats a good thing, not like some of the plastic junk toys coming out of the asian markets. So the weight is good. On top of the sound and interface is good. If there is a manual in the box I ignored it, and I can do everything iTunes can in terms of playback. Change music ratings, fast forward skip etc. I didn't understand what the reviewers meant by the intuitive interface until I started using it this afternoon. My grievance is the ear buds, they really are big and uncomfortable. Sound good but the combination of next to no weight and fluffy size makes them kind of worthless. I'm kind of thinking about the EarJams from Griffin Technology. Since I'm going to Chicago and will be near a couple of Apple Stores you can bet I'll be seeking the things out. If not I'll be looking for another set of headphones.

One last thing I'd like to find out about (and will be googling for it as soon as I hit post) is if I can use the fast play for something other than audiobooks (like the podcasts) Even without searching I'm wondering if it has something to do with the genre settings. If I find it I'll post it. Still I'm happy with the iPod (bar the earbuds).

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