God, save me from your folowers

13.07.45 - Mark

Especially Bill O'Reilly as he goes on a personal Jihad against Jews, homosexuals and other people not of the Christian faith. (Salon.com, subscription or daily pass)

Between November and now I'm seeing more and more of this nut jobs trying to impose their faith on me trying to "save my sole" during the holiday season, oblivious to the fact that of all the religions and faiths that celebrate something in the late December time frame, almost all of them have common threads - like family and togetherness, not to mention blatant and full on consumerism.

I recognize I'm in the middle of Republican America population zillions of Christian fanatical, but come on, recognize the pagan roots of your own holiday (and religion) and leave me alone to believe what I want to how I want to.

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