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23.57.42 - Mark

I'm out of it for some reason. With exams done and the vacation coming up in 55 hours (if Matt gets his way - I think it will be closer to 58) This afternoon I just slept. Maybe it was a bad night of sleep last night or the fact I haven't been banking as much as I usually do. Either way thats only the nocturnal side of things. I didn't post anything Tuesday, and only a fraction of what I have been today (granted I was taking tests or sleeping most of today) Not really lack of content, feeds are acting as usual, I guess its more to do with the podcasting/broadsnatching and garageband surfing habits I'm developing. I should write some scripts to make the broadsnatching more efficient but I'll be able to mess with that on vacation. Strange videos will provide a nice break between the DVDs and texts I'm taking. However we're driving, which means I'll be reaking havok on the interstate. Anyone thats done that for a few hours knows how that can get a little long in tooth, so with my iPod becoming mine in the next few hours I'm stocking up on new audio. which means Garageband.com. A number of the pod casts I've been listing to get their music from there because it isn't any of the RIAA crap. Most of its freely downloadable but some of the better groups list on iTMS. I'm not big on buying music but there were a few titles I didn't mind forking over actual money for (note to date all of the money I had on my iTMS account was given to me, gift cards, pepsi caps, and a couple of Ben and Jerry's)

Like the web is buzzing I tried using my paypal account but its a royal pain and you need to establish a credit card with paypal - and I couldn't select the card I have on file with paypal. Oh well, no free songs from paypal. I might write them and tell them about the bug, but not until after the holidays. I'm more concerned with getting the music from Garageband. For free a lot of its pretty good, and the metadata and database they have makes it really easy to browse by most popular/highest rated as well as search for RIAA style bands for similar songs and bands. Lots of fun.

Personally I'm pulling down techno, trance, and electronica from all over the place. I told Matt about it and last I knew he was pulling down some more mainstream music from foreign groups. Its a cool site, and it beats helping the RIAA sue its customers.

Anyways I'm going to go back to sleep. still tired and a real bed will probably help this ache in my back developed from an afternoon of sleeping on a curbside special futon.

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