Fucking con artists

11.35.33 - Mark

There's good news, more good news, even more good news and bad news for me today.

Good News is Finals are done.

More Good News I'll have my iPod tomorrow

Even More Good News I'll be in Chicago by Sunday

Bad news College Bookstore buybacks are a fucking rip off. This semester's books cost a bit over $360 dollars, $300 when you drop the ones they won't buy back (like the mandatory "college success handbook"). For that $300 I got $42 from selling them back. Its a fucking rip off. I barely got $6 a book from the fucking morons. If I wasn't in need of cash due to the above items I would have said screw you in just as many words and turned to half.com, amazon.com, or eBay. All of the book were in mint condition - hell one was still in the shrink wrap from the intro to computers class I had to enroll for (wrongfully I'm now told). Bought the book, when I tested out of the class I couldn't return it for full value 'cuz I "didn't drop the class" or some equal bullshit reason. No matter here's $6 for something that only needs a $20 CD.

Its the ultimate con. Charge a boat load of cash for crappy books - I saw better information in free texts than I did in most of the books (a big reason I barely cracked the fucking things) buy them back for nothing, sell them to next uneducated buyer for another boatload - this time all profit since they aren't buying from some overrated company.

42 fucking dollars. I know better now. Next time I'm 1) buying used and 2) not selling them back to the fucking college bookstore. If possible I'm not even going to bother with getting the things from the bookstore. Gotta love free market economies - they sure as hell ain't getting my business if I can avoid it.

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