17.08.20 - Mark

Still listing to podcasts. Some of these are really good. A number of comments on how to create these things from audio recording to sound bytes to publicity. Hear a couple of good mashups I'm even starting to thing about trying my hand at one, although I probably don't have the determination to do one. I can do the tech side of things but I don't know that I would have the content. I don't know I got so many other projects to work on. Once I finish the current one (Adam Curry's Daily Source Code) I'll go back and look at some of the media I've been snatching.

Give me a few days. With only 2 exams left on wednesday I'll probably be suffering from information overload by the end of the week. I may go wardriving this week and pull down some webcomic archives with my new favorite linux command curl. I gotta have something to entertain me on the family trip to Chicago...

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