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16.11.59 - Mark

Typical ego surfing involves typing your name, first and last, into a search engine (google being the standard of course) then looking for the first relevant hit. Generally I hit along the lines of 3-10 anymore (never managed to displace the Wake forest chem professor) Right now that waste of bandwidth I created for my internet technology class has managed to displace my main site! Shocking. Maybe I was right about keeping that design for my real site. Anyways here's a revised method for ego surfing.

Go to google suggest

Start entering your name, first and last, watching the complete options

Once your name is the first complete option (no scrolling) make a note of how many letters you had to type in your last name - if you only typed your first name (like for George Bush) count this as a .5

Also note the number of results

If you aren't on the first page of results, dig until you find the first hit relevant to you, making a note of how many pages you had to dig though

Then divide the number of results by the number of letters from your last name. If applicable, divide the number of pages you had to dig though from that answer.

That's your Google Guessing score, the higher the better

My score was a 10650. If you're bored post your result in the comments section.

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