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14.22.48 - Mark

I love my RSS feeds. I'm proclaimed that several times before (and its still true - I'm over 120 feeds now) but I'm finding more and more to like about the standard, including the mostly unused enclosure element. To really use this I needed to download another feed reader called iPodder, think of of a hybrid born of on demand streaming radio station crossed with MP3s. That's a combination podcasting (remember most of these geeks have iPods) or depending on if you want to play with other forms of media broadsnatching. Audio video images, the best and worst of the random nature of the internet. Granted you need broadband to play with some of this suff, but its amazing what you can pull down.

ATM I'm playing this random video diary entry thing its some sort of stupid semi-stoner video ranting about relationships (I got it over a random feed from BlogDigger's media feeds. The video itself is from here) and before that I was listing to some audio clips from Leo Laporte and engadget. Next up is some sort of movie trailer (batman?) Anyways this is fun stuff. Additionally I've been thinking of setting up some bittorrent snatches but those really eat up bandwidth, which can be used in a webbased tivo - except you need to download the work before viewing (since it isn't linear like other p2p networks). If you stick to the TV shows and pass on movies and most of the programs, bittorrent is exceptionally legal (IOW you can download the latest episode of the simpsons legally since fox technically distributes it free of charge)

Geeze I'm probably overloading this post with information. But I guess thats the point of podcasting and broadsnatching. The only downfall is the sluggishness of the DSL line I'm using. If they weren't so expensive I'd be itching for a T1 line (or at least a fractional T1 line) Actually screw that I am itching for a T1, but only in the same sense I was for DSL in Iowa (as in still no chance in hell)

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