The future of media?

23.09.12 - Mark

Just got pointed to a flash based animation that's a speculation of the future in the eyes of a historical document.

EPIC 2014 suggests that blogging will take over mass media within 10 years, going as far as putting the New York Times out of business or at least mass distribution. True blogging is starting to have an effect on mass media but I'm skeptical that its going to get to the point of EPIC, at least within 10 years. I'm sure that us bloggers will have a lot of throw by then but I don't think we'll be putting the New York Times out of wide distribution. Still some neat ideas, especially with the news mashes and copyright law. It will be interesting to see if Google News really does get to that point (and I'm sure it will).

The Semantic web I don't know. Sure the original vision of the web was equal amounts of content creation and distribution (go read Tim Berner-Lee's book) but I'm skeptical that something like the Grid of EPIC is the solution.

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