Food hacking

01.28.11 - Mark

I don't get why some people don't like cooking. Its not like there aren't simple dishes out there. I don't know, I've always preferred cooking my food as compared to wasting a ton of money to eat out. Anyways tonight was one of those clear the fridge out nights (in preparation of the family trip starting in a few days) Unfortunately this means that the only things left in the fridge are salad dressings, milk, and assorted items suitable only for placing on bread, like jams and other weird things that have been in there for a while. Given this I still managed to find some shrimp (frozen), BBQ sauce, and a package of bacon. Thanks to my brothers incessant baking habit there was some yeast in the spice cabinet and some herbs in the yard. Add warm water and a few cups of flower and I had a pizza crust. Don't you just love organic sciences? BBQ Shirmp Bacon Pizza. That's what I call Good Eats

Cooking is just a form of science, similar to chemistry. Its all about mixing in the right proportions and knowing how everything will react. And its fun, you can't forget that it is supposed to be fun. If you want to challenge me I suggest you go learn more about Alton Brown

Anyways I've had my pizza and soda, now I'm off to letting my iBook rip DVD backup files and watch some more adult swim

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