Do it yourself Armaments

19.08.54 - Mark

Bruce Sterling posted some stuff on the potential for DIY gun designs. The stuff was sent to him by William Gibson. The reason I bother mentioning Gibson is because in one of Gibson's books (or short stories) the hero builds a weapon to get around what is presumably a mess of legal restrains and tracking issues (future, corporate controlled government stuff). Anyways the character, IIRC, noted you've got to be pretty hi tech to go low tech, and I'd say this is the same thing. There's another novel out there (with a title I can't remember or find)
that had to deal with some mercenaries and early on involved a guy fabricating a canon and shells into the back of a white van. Wish I could find it or remember the title, ended in " 's cat" took place in Los Angles was a fun read. Oh well it will probably show up when I'm not thinking about it.

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