Sane Christian Missionaries?

13.04.38 - Mark

I'm not converting or anything, but I just ran across this Salon article on a non-traditional Christian missionary group who actually seem respectable. Certainly not like some of the nutcases I've run across who have suggested that I am an moral-less bastard pig preparing to go on a killing spree, to be condemned to hell (or something worse). For whatever reason those nutcases refuse to believe that morals come from society as a whole and not form a specific faith, and they certainly don't like being told as much.

Rant aside, 24-7 Prayer is one of the few religious organizations I don't have a problem giving some respect to.

Note: It is a Salon.com article, you have to pay for a subscription or click though some ads to get a day pass, but its probably worth it, it is a decent article

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