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09.32.41 - Mark

Just uploaded some simple pages for my intro to internet class. Extra points if you can figure out where I borrowed the name (waste of bandwidth) and the inspiration for the index (hint the first is a famous Mac hacker/author, the other is an cyberpunk author I link to on occasion)

I've never been a fan of assigned HTML pages, but they usually provide an opportunity to mess around with new designs, which makes it worth while I suppose. I liked the way the index page turned out. Tables are bulky compared to CSS but it turned out well, and was quicker than developing a CSS style sheet. The way the graphic lined up (on 1040x786 full screen) is shocking to say the least. I designed the tables and image independently and I only needed to move one table cell a few pixels to get it just right. I'm so-so on the other pages. Just threw content up and tried to add some background art (the effort of a strenuous 10 minutes in photoshop ::) ) to keep it from too vanilla.

I kind of wanted to do a CSS based frame page (using some of the image repeat limits it offers) but didn't have time to develop the idea - CSS takes a while to develop -but I may mess with it once I finish some of my more profitable ventures. I've barely scratched the surface of what CSS can do with my other pages and a complex project could be fun.

Come to think of it I could tweak my initial idea and work the patter into a blogger template. The blogger sidebar would be a mild challenge (unless I move over to an archives page and make all the links above the posts) Hmm I can see something working... But I still need to work on some of the other pages like mountairync.net first. Meh. There should be plenty of time in the next few weeks, after today its mainly just exams (4).

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