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18.31.23 - Mark

OK some 1 in 5 Americans voted for the more "moral" candidate for president. Bush are known "christians" with strong morals, and both supported a continuing effort in Iraq and this war on terror thing. (all facts so far)

Why there are these "christian" men supporting this war? Can someone please explain to me how this action is "christ-like" or "follows the teachings of Christ" in anyway?

Not trying to go against other's religious convictions, or saying that we should let "terrorists" (I agree with Reuters, thats a bad word I need to stop using it) insurgents run the US, I just want to get the pretext for this war/country straightened out. One moment we're going the all mighty and religious route, then next we've blowing the *&^% out of some 3rd world country seemingly picked at random by a barrage of darts and a large world map.

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ME - 08:18:00 / 2005.07.12 #

Do you really want a general idea?

By saying "christians", there is an instant generalizatio, because though the name is there, the majority of americans have never read a Bible or been to church other than Christmas Eve and Easter.But anyway...
Many "Christians" (most of whome couldn't explain why they believe what they believe) are in support of the war because of their family beliefs. Another believe that this is a holy war because sadly, it kind of is Christians vs. Muslims.

I'll be able to think more clearly later in the day but this is my present offering.

"Can someone please explain to me how this action is "christ-like" or "follows the teachings of Christ" in anyway?"

I'll answer this when I am awake.

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