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17.08.22 - Mark


Some people argue that the Supreme Court of the US is an illegally formed bunch of old geezers screwing with the other branches of our government. To those misinformed nutcases I suggest you pull up Oyez and listen (yes listen) to some of the arguments in their archives. Right now I'm about half of the way though the Tinker vs. Des Moines School Board audio stream. Good arguments on both sides. I'm also messing with some of their site feeds so I'll known when they (oyez) post some of the new cases (like the upcoming Marijuana case and the interstate-direct to consumer wine sales/shipment case)

Fun stuff.

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Lockheed Hayheehoo Macedon - 18:16:00 / 2004.12.06 #

Dear G3: I need help getting Adsense to work in my blog. I go to post, hit the html option, and paste the code, yet there's always an error. What do I do?

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