Miny fresh inebriation

15.46.28 - Mark

I'll admit Iowans have some interesting ways of getting a buzz (note that I am a former iowan - I can get away with saying that). I've heard of one college professor that was growing a bunch of weed at home, Iowa is supposed to be the meth capital of the world (keep in mind meth is just a bunch of man made chemicals cooked together). And now they've got this situations

Now think back to any anti-drug programs at a school or something similar. remember the mouthwash Breathalyzer test demonstration and how the teacher (sometimes police officer) tested as extremely drunk for a few minutes? Well some idiot took that to a new level by downing 2 bottles of mouth wash. At least he couldn't have possibly smelled like booze...

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Ivan - 17:44:00 / 2004.12.06 #

Uh... sorry, but Surry County is the Meth Capital of the world. Stokes comes in at a distant second.

Mark - 18:05:00 / 2004.12.06 #

Unlike you, I wasn't joking Iowa is the current Meth capital of the world. NC isn't a blip on the map

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