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20.43.57 - Mark

I know this is going to piss some people off, but after looking at a transcript of Osama Bin Laden's speech, I can't help but wonder if he's got a point. I mean the only country that terrorists have actively attacked has been the US of A. Sure there have been attacks on Spain and any number of kidnappings that have affected the European Union, but none have been actively attacked, and none of the EU hostages have been instantly and unmercifully killed.

He is a little full of himself, but he raises points. America "land of the free" is getting to the point where we are no better than the 3rd world countries our government is claiming to liberate. Stripping away personal freedoms, deceiving and tricking the public, etc.

And here we our, watching CNN and Fox News, listing to them claim that OBL is endorsing Kerry. What bullshit. It's scary that they seem to have a better understanding of our government, things like the PATRIOT act than our own elected officials.

All in all I think the message is dead on. Bush and Kerry won't be able to end the war on terror. If we leave them the frell alone maybe they'll leave us alone. If I'm wrong, well I'm wrong, but show me someone attacking Switzerland or Sweden. You won't find much. What's the difference between the US and Sweden, one doesn't go fucking around in other countries without an invitation.

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Ivan - 18:33:00 / 2004.11.01 #


Stupid Chechynian rebels.

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