19.48.39 - Mark

One of my favorite books is Travels with Charlie, but John Steinbeck. I like it despite the fact that I'm not a big fan of Steinbeck (just never liked his fiction). Its a good non-fiction novel about his travels though America with his dog, and I love it because of the wandering. As diversified as I like to think I am, I love the idea of living without a fixed geographical area. It just seems dull.

Still there's a social stigma about it, for some reason the "homeless" (don't like that term) are dirty, unethical, drugged up, homicidal, anarchists. Counterculture certainly, but there are some great minds that don't rent or own real estate, and do quite well. Adrian Lamo was doing OK as the "homeless hacker" before a company decided to press charges for letting them know about network security hole, there are college professors that took time off to be "homeless," and there are countless other examples of people living outside the norm who are exceptionally brilliant. Society is just another system, and its sometimes appealing to break away from that system. Maybe that's why I'm a long haired freak with a bunch of stickers and buttons on my satchel ::)

Anyways, here's a neat blog I just stumbled across, and I plan on reading it periodically. Some interesting stuff.
Survival Guide to Homelessness (a Blog)

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