The Boondock Saints

18.10.49 - Mark

My brother recieved his Amazon shipment, which means there's a copy of The Boondock Saints DVD in my house (as well as a copy of Donnie Darko) We just finished watching the boondock saints and its still good the second time around, and probably several more times in the future. Plus, unlike the first copy I watched, this DVD has extras beyond cruddy descriptions of the plot. IE deleted (or rather edited) scenes, outtakes, the trailer, and filmography crap. I'm happy. Its an awesome film that is severely underrated. I'm not as sure about Donnie Darko, since I never finished watching it. I'll probably know Sunday since it seems like the best possible time to watch it (Darko is set during election year, and IIRC, ends on October 31st)

Oh and the photoshoped Steve Jobs image I posted about was taken from The Boondocks saints, in case anyone was wondering...

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ME - 17:15:00 / 2004.11.01 #

I Envy you! I need to buy BDS. Oh Yeah You are the next area director, I'm working at hom this summer. Catch!

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