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I was going to post this as a reply to MEs comment in "Bush's true colors" below, but decided I'd post it here instead.

I'll give Bush this - he's not Kerry and he does have a (slightly) better Veep. Hell if I had to choose Bush, Kerry, Cheney, or Edwards to be President, I'd be a more inclided to go with Cheney than any of the other dip-shits. Past four years aside- just going on they're past government positions I'd prefer Bush over Kerry.

Bush was a governor, while Kerry has only been a legislator. In my mind Kerry is going into this election expecting the presidency to be similar to his positions as a lawmaker, which isn't the case and will offer him many chances to screw up if he wins the election. Granted I don't like Bush's record as a Governor, but at least thats in the right branch of the government.

Still, plain and simple, I'm not supporting either leading idiot. I'm not going to support bush, he's done a lot of things I don't approve of, and I'm not going to support kerry, who thinks that being a legislator is going to help him be president.

If anyone is reading this, has a say in the matter, are still undecided, and are crazy enough to take me seriously, I hope that they will look at third party candidates, which we all know I've brought up on several other occasions.

Whichever *&^% up we get after the smoke clears sometime in december (maybe January the way things are shaping up) is going to screw up the nation for four years.

In the end I'm still voting for someone, which is a lot more than I can say for other people my age. I'm even voting on a third party because I feel its the right thing to do, as opposed to the vast majority of voters who seem to be casting a vote for the party not the candidate.

Those that don't vote scare me almost as much as the inept candidates the Democrats and Republicans has offered to us in this election (and the last one come to think of it)

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ME - 14:10:00 / 2004.10.28 #

Wow! Its like making the front page in a newspaper!

ME - 15:39:00 / 2004.10.28 #

"In the end I'm still voting for someone, which is a lot more than I can say for other people my age."

Is that a crack? I know Bush sucks and all but he has a slight chance of winning. I also believe that Badnarik should not give up after 1 election because, though most people see it as a wasted vote this election in 4 years there is no incumbent. If the other candidates look like they do this year he may have a chance.

I am sorry to say I see little reason in casting my vote for him just so there can be the Badnarik factor instead of the Nader factor. I guess we'll find out in January 2050 who the next president of the U.S. will be.

Oh yeah after I quit filling your blog with rantings, I added an personal editorial about Kerry to mine.

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