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23.33.06 - Mark

I was going to write out a non-fiction piece about my brothers and the issue of web privacy. I've just deleted it.

Just to let people know, your blogs could be read by anyone from a complete stranger to a close friends or family members. Not only is it possible its likely. Unless you have a very good idea of what you're doing you can't delete all your tracks. While the history is easy to clear you still have the cache, the logs, the logs of any hardware between you and the WAN and then you've got ISP files and even server tracking numbers. Take some time and make yourself aware of these things.

While big brother isn't out to get you, its possible to learn about you, even if you think you're careful. Blogging is a powerful tool, and can lead to many good things, but it - short of running you're own server is an offshore data haven with heavy duty encryption - is undeniably public. Treat it as such.

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