Why Youth Don't Show in November

19.29.37 - Mark

Its because our favorite parties, the gasterous old pigs and the dummycrats, are too stupid to use their funds to attract the youth vote. The lost demographic is 18 - 34 year old men, they consistantly don't vote and frankly we're not given much reason too, so how do politicians woo those lost voters? TV of course!

I can't wait for their campaingne advisers to realize that that demographic may have the TV on, but there's no one watching There isn't even a real big push to get this content to them though the little TV they do watch - cable. No matter how much they want it the top 30 broadcast markets won't hit a lot of that market, so spending more money there won't help. Network TV will. I know a slew of people who watch Adult Swim and comedy central, but pepole stopped watching Survivor after what, the first season?

Still TV isn't the answer. You place some cheap but tasteful ads on a few high traffic websites and you're going to do a whole hell of a lot to promote yourself than if you stick to the TV ads in a few major markets. Bush, Kerry this isn't rocket surgery, even a couple dunces can figure that out - oh wait, you're the idiots that are running internet privacy into the ground and helping Ashcroft and his buddies arrest 73 year old grandmas and suing 12 year old girls. If they took a fraction of what them recieved though that new fangled "internets" thing and put it into a few well selected Google AdWords and maybe a few tasteful banners well they might pull a few more votes out in November. Of course with a hot race going now, in addition to a few incentives, we may see a massive influx of young voters next week.

Doubt it. The system is rigged to favor two parties and only two parties. people will adopt one or the other fairly blindly (like they often do with religion) and stick to thier guns, even if the underlying beliefs are drastically different. People are stupid, electors and elected. Speaking of which...

InDUHvidual piece of the day

from An NPR story on yellow ribbon car stickers -
Reporter: "He [Dwain Gullion] insists that this isn't political"
Dwain Gullion: "I am very patriotic and for the most part we are going to stand behind and support what our president is doing"

How is that not political? Yellow ribbons are about supporting our troops, not our president.

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