Etching. It's Just Plain Fun

22.59.50 - Mark

I did some etching today, both a simple proof of concept design and a more complicated logo design (Penguin Mints :) The only large design I had that didn't need printed out) I'll try and post photos in a day or two.

I only have one fairly thick bit, so the detail in the letters was lost and some of the edges are round. It's also a challenge to control it, IE straight lines. I was getting better towards the end so a couple more practice designs should fix that real fast.

No mods planned around the technique quite yet, but I'm messing with a couple ideas for stand alone projects. The problem is depth of the etching and to some degree the transparency of the plastic post-etching, but I've got ideas to solve those as well. With wads of plexi floating around I should be able to create a few nice pieces just for fun before I need to restock my supplies. Honestly, I see a bigger problem with finding suitable designs...

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