Return of the Dremal

01.10.46 - Mark

[wanring, this is a writeup (sortof) that I'm too lazy to do in a how to style and put on my site, mainly because I don't have photos and I'm lazy. If you don't want to read about one of my projects skip this post]

A long time ago my Dremal's speed controller went out, meaning my wonderfully broken dremal had two speeds: off and 35,000RPM. Which is fine if I want to cut or grind metal, but sucks if I want to use a sanding bit or say using an engraving bit. So The first time I tried to fix it I thought that it was burned out and there was no chance of repairing it, so I threw together a dimmer box but that didn't do the trick. So I put it aside except for metal work. recently I just got an engraving bit and while I can use it at 35,000 RPM its a little unwieldily, especially with plastics, so where does this leave me - another reason to fix my dremal. So I take it apart and start poking around. Turns out the switch was misaligned and gunk all over the contacts

Basic steps remove screws in casing, seperate main body, remove motor assembly. From there find the switch that controls speed and look at it. With mine the switch was off center and there was gunk all over the metal contacts used a a variable resistor. Clean the tracks and metal contacts on the switch (I had to remove the switch plastics to clean everything) then replace the switch and get it realigned. Then reassemble everything, and be careful when reassembling it, there are a couple parts that are a real pain to put back in correctly, but make a whole lot of difference.

Anyways with it cleaned out and reassembled its working so later I may try and etch some patterns into some scrap plexi I've got floating around, and maybe adding adding in some LEDs for a nice lighting effect. Maybe.

Now if my server would return to the active (note to self don't sent 'shutdown -r now' commands to servers you won't have access to for two days)

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