Wardriving in Mount Airy

23.30.19 - Mark

Since picking up my iBook and loading up a war driving program I've been taking it with me when driving around. Some basic numbers

Hotspots downtown (parts of main and Renfro): About 25
Hotspots on Highway 601 (some on the interstate) about 10
Other hotspots (business and residential areas) about 20.
Dobson near the Community college: 3 or 4 (only one pass so far, haven't tried on campus quite yet)

17 WEP enabled
~40 not using WEP

From the IDs I'd say at two are medical offices, and neither of them is using WEP

By no means complete numbers nor do I have exact numbers and locations (at least until I get my GPSr hooked up to the iBook) Thats not too bad for a lowtech mountain town with somewhere around 9k residents but I think its interesting.

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