HSU Hell

09.46.35 - Mark

High School University @ Dobson (Yes mike I'm borowing that term)is driving me nuts. My internet tech and net graphcs instructor is fine, guys knows enought - isn't stuck up about his knowlege and limitations - and is a good enough instructor, but the class is a drag. The rest of the class was scratching away at FTP for the second day in a row, and frankly they don't get it and I doubt they will. I'll just be hearing moaning and whining come the next exam.

Personally, I know this stuff, hell I'm using it on a daily basis, and am almost as good at the command line version as I am with a client, let alone the OS GUI version. So I'm just sitting back here rolling my eyes and nodding my head, but *&^% these people are supposed to be in the same degree program as I am and there's no *&^%ing way they're ever, let me stress EVER, going to use this knowlege in any way shape or form.

I'm starting to wonder if my program is even going to exist for me to complete (or even get into the fun stuff)...

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