Just How Dumb is Bush?

23.28.46 - Mark

by now most people have seen the presidential debates/infomercials but the question of exactly how dumb is bush remains.

I'd say this is a good indicator - you have got to be pretty dumb to fall of a segway

To anyone who wants to call me a bush basher, I'd be more than happy to link to a Kerry falls off segway story if such a thing exists

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ME - 09:13:00 / 2004.10.15 #

Listen Buttwipe, The ability to stand up on a stupid scooter, does not give the ability to lead a country. Though bush sucks, he is good at sucking. Kerry would probably accel at doing such a mindless task, because his body could never decide which way to fall!

...there I'm through venting.

Ivan - 23:23:00 / 2004.10.15 #

How is coordination a measure of intelligence? I'm sure if you were to get on a Segway right now, you'd fall flat on your ass.

To be so condescending AND then have the nerve to associate coordination and intelligence is unexcusable. Or is that inexcusable. hm. *ponders*

Mark - 23:48:00 / 2004.10.15 #

Bush is a moron. Plain and simple. Be it falling off the Segway because he's too dumb to RTFM and stand up straight or making up bullshit about being "a good steward of the land", he's a moron.

The only thing he knows about is the importance of substandard education as demonstrated by Bush in the third infomercial.

I'm not a Kerry fan either. I like my leaders to have a grounding in a little thing I call reality. Kerry keeps saying I'll do this, I'll do that, I'll do the other but he can't produce a plan.

It's a shame the US media is incapable of talking about a 3rd party candidate with a statistical chance of winning (Note: it's not Nader). I mean we wouldn't want to disturb the democratic process or anything like that...

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