22.02.14 - Mark

I've gotten tired of the debate. I was taking notes but its gotten to the point where there's no point in watching. TVs still on, but its the same old crap. Instead I'm reading some of the stuff at 3rd party sites. I won't bother linking to Badnarik's page again, but they're urging people to harass CNN's president. I'm casually searching for the real address since emails, faxes and phone calls are oft ignored. Sent something via a carrier - and one that doesn't give them money isn't as easily ignored. Too bad some of these people don't realize it.

As an interesting side note, W and Kerry are wearing the same getup. Black Suit, collared white shirt, red tie with white does and a flag pin over their hearts (assuming they still have that organ) Talk about clone wars...

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ME - 09:10:00 / 2004.10.14 #

Here, www.youforgotpoland.com
even though anti Bush its still amusing to me

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