14.21.52 - Mark

Bush, Kerry, and Nader have posted replies to questions prepared by /. and New Voters Project

Be warned, there's a lot of bullshit in their answers and unsurprisingly hey all manage to avoid the questions. Some are downright scary. IE W's comments on the death penalty in minors, the draft and "When is it acceptable for a politician to change their opinion"

Meh. I guess I should keep the hip waders on since I doubt that the Badnarik campaign and the rest of the Libertarians will be able to stop tonight's debate.

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ME - 17:40:00 / 2004.10.13 #

Vote for ME...

(god how many times do I have to tell you:)

Mark - 21:07:00 / 2004.10.13 #

You're not going to be on my butterfly ballot. Sorry

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