I'm so glad to be gone

15.57.34 - Mark

There is a certain location in Mount Airy that is an absolute hell hole. Mount Airy is a wonderful place to live, except for a noticeable lack of fine dining and better forms of entertainment. This location is a High school run by a bunch of idiots who are worse than your average "civil servants". I always made it a point to avoid the chief idiots and don't think I ever spoke with the principal and made it a point to avoid the inept guidance councilors - partially because they are completely useless when it comes to college information (I once named a top college in the nation and they didn't know anything about it) and secondly because they are very effective at pissing people off. I don't know anyone who has had a good experience with them as guidance councilors (as human beings they pass as acceptable)

Unfortunately my brother hasn't been able to avoid the void of intelligence know as the guidance office and this afternoon was force feed a combination of Baghdad Bob misinformation and CIA style interrogation. There' was no doubt in my mind that that school refuses to recognize student's constitutional rights, but now there's no doubt in my mind that they are perfectly willing to actively infringe on those rights.

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