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23.31.34 - Mark

I don't think I'll force 1200 words of my notes on you, but there were some truly stupid comments made by both candidates. I think it was a little rowdy as well. Tex kept rushing the moderator and argued with him on a few times. Kerry came off as being a little more

Bush's comments on the Patriot act really scare me. First "I don't think your rights are being watered down" and followed up by "Doesn't infringe on your rights at all" There was also something about warrants being needed but I didn't catch the direct quote. I think he simply doesn't understand what the Patriot act does. kerry has a slightly better understanding of what it does and was able to make some corrections spinning it in his favor (Bush looked like he shat a brick when he heard them and didn't make a rebuttal)

I'm not entirely sure but the comments on the possibility of replacing supreme court justice. Bush was making suggestions saying that judges shouldn't look at the context of a case (his reference to disagreeing with the Dread Scott Case and the Pledge Debate are disturbing to say the least) I thought I heard him say that he didn't want someone who strictly supported the constitution, but half of me knows that that sort of comment is way too deep for Bush to have spewed out. Maybe he wasn't very clear since he was avoiding that issue with a good deal of effort. I think Kerry's requirements for a justice are exceptional - the problem is that the person he described doesn't exist.

Bush also showed a great deal of ignorance in science and technology, and he relies heavily on ethics as an excuse for his detrimental decisions. One comment he made was "I'm a good stuart of the land" which is BS. Oil aside his administration hasn't done one thing to help the environment or even science. If you need more evidence of this pull up his space plan.

Domestic issues aside, foreign relations are still hazy pipe dreams (or in W.'s case nightmares) Bush happily said he'd keep blowing off other countries and their treaties. Kerry had a good quote on that - "The President's job is to win the peace." It is heck our friendly president dragged his "Axis of Evil" back into things

I liked that last question, about 3 bad decisions. Bush mucked that one in a way. He showed that he stands by his decisions, but couldn't admit that he is in fact fallible (bar that vague line on picking some bad people)

All in all I liked this debate a little better than the first, but both candidates are weak in many ways, from personal freedoms and liberties to official policies. I don't know who won, but the American people are loosing.

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