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19.07.22 - Mark

The blurry line between sane and nuts, and make it a double

Presidential nominees Michael Badnarik and David Cobb are going to demand to be included in tonight's debate between indifferent candidate one (Bush) and indifferent candidate two (Kerry). I don't know how well the stunt will do for either candidate, but I'm mostly sure they won't get in. The real question left is how much the major news outlets won't cover it. I'm guess 3 or 4 snippets over between the major networks, but I hope I'm very wrong.

Even without that little bit of chaos thrown in its going to be interesting to see how the new Bush spin on WMDs/Iraq comes out. I'm also waiting to see how much they fumble around with domestic issues. Bush will likely tie everything in with 9/11 or Iraq and Kerry will just be clueless beyond saying that the issues have nothing to do with Iraq.

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