So we're all going to die...

21.10.55 - Mark

I'm officially tired of this limited flu vaccine crap. Sure science is great and we're bettering living conditions and all that stuff but come on but the media is over hyping this one.

First, we've gone for a long time without a flu vaccine, and many people do without it even now that it exists. Influenza on its own isn't even lethal. The problem is with the uninformed masses hogging up doses. I'm not going to pull up statistics for this one but I bet there are a lot of people getting the vaccine who very clearly don't need it because they aren't at risk. The average idiot needs to realize that they don't need (prescription) drugs to live a long happy life. (slight tangent) With over the counter stuff many people swear by a good deal of it has to be placebo effect.

Secondly there's no guarantee that it will protect you. Lead time is a minimum of 6 months, and with stuff like SARS popping up overnight anymore that won't cut it. Drugs are just compounding medical problems. Disease exists, then we made basic drugs, diseases adapted and we made stronger drugs, diseases adapt again and we make stronger drugs - repeat cycle ad nauseum (pun not intended)

At least there's some humor to be had in all this. I'm sure there are some vegans and other vegetarians out there who are getting these shots without realizing that they're coming from chickens.

Meh. I guess people are just as medically ignorant as they are politically.

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