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14.48.20 - Mark

Talk about user friendly. Apple sure knows how to ship a computer. When I got home my iBook and iPod were sitting on the porch just waiting to be opened. I didn't make them wait long (the iBook at least - iPod is still in its box) The getting started stuff was sitting right on top of the box, and the molded styrofoam just lifted off revealing my pretty little white slab. Unlike my brothers HP everything was ready to go. Even the battery was charged! Which is why after 5 minutes of filling out registration forms and reconnecting my wireless network I am sitting outside typing away at its very responcive keyboard posting my first impressions. Hell I'm blown away at the fact that even the battery was charged - that never happens.

Apple - you have one very happy customer.

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Brad - 00:17:00 / 2004.07.10 #

crapmuffins. Wish I had all that stuff, and an ipod in or out of the box would be cool. I did check into selling a kidney, but they said it was "making funny faces" at them. weird

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