Racist Pride

19.22.09 - Mark

:: redneck sarcasm ::

Yep. We sure do know how to discriminate against them stupid Muslims.Yet, do it real good - and you know what bubba it a damn good thing we do too its our responcibility as Americans!

:: end redneck sarcasm::

(link summery - ~1 in 4 US citizens have Anti-Muslim feelings. )

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ME - 08:50:00 / 2004.10.05 #

Yeah I don't like muslims either, and everyone knows if they're not with me, screw em.

Actually I don't dislike many muslims but if they have wires sticking out of their coat, shoe, etc. there is no love lost between them and me.
I also don't want them encroaching on my beliefs like many "christians" do by being hateful judges of charachter/beliefs. (sounding hypocritical right now, but God will forgive me!)

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