New reason to read EULA's

14.57.21 - Mark

You know that irritating End User Agreement that pops up when installing software? You might want to start reading it a little closer now since courts are now ruling that they constitute a legal contract - that, if you're reading them, your have already agreed to.

Slashdot has a good thread going on it tho' may of the points are older arguments to EULAs, and the original EFF link is here

Blizzard is on of the better companies out there, and do a good job with fair use, they even offer refunds if you don't agree with the EULA and replacement media should the CDs become damaged. However they are one of the few, and most stores will not accept returns on opened software. Therefore you accept the EULA blindly, or you don't and keep your coaster. (Note: since its a contract you can't sell it legally, therefore you're stuck with it)

Don't you just love the implications of bad legislation?

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