23.17.53 - Mark

I've been messing with PHP today, and its pretty fun. I know I haven't even begun to tap into its power but in terms of picking it up I think its within my reach. I'm only running a couple of very simple commands but I've already programed a simple list maker. If I was real bored I could even look up the ASCII codes for brackets and make it output cut and paste HTML code I haven't looked into combining its power with MySQL yet, but if I can do that as easily as I've been making pages it wouldn't be hard at all.

However methinks database design will be much harder than basic PHP or even connecting a database with PHP enabled pages. Maybe I should spring for a book or two when Apple finishes tapping my checking account...

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Brad - 01:40:00 / 2004.10.02 #

cool man... we should probably get a team going on this or something. Eventually I'll lay down some physical sketches of possible designs/ideas. just awesome, I mean, cool...

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