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13.02.30 - Mark

I'm getting seriously pissed with my bank (The Community Bank). They have been merging with another company and its been fucking up my account. First their ATMs were down in one manner or another for close to three months when they only way I could deal with my bank was the ATM. They're internet banking is so screwed up I have only been able to access it once, and I have tried every password I have ever used to try and get back into it. Now they won't manage my money like I want them to.

Apple is getting transaction declined messages when they try to transfer the funds for my iBook, because of some BS daily spending limit. This leads me to having to make a number of calls to them, only to find out that "there's nothing we can do". So now I've got a message floating around in Apple's Payment Department's Mail server to see if they can split payment over two days to get around my daily limit. Doubt it which means another friendly yelling match with my bank next week.

Furthermore when looking up their policies I discovered that my checking account is no longer free. The merger wiped out the account type I was set up with so now I have a standard, pay account. I haven't been hit with any fees because of my balance has been high enough, but NOW I'll be hit with maintenance fees. I got a nasty feeling I don't have overdraft protection anymore either.

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ME - 08:42:00 / 2004.10.04 #

Sounds like the bank is a little high on its horse, I mean geeze it your money.

the reason I've been mocking your purchase is that I just bought an hP desktop with a flat panel monitor, printer, and scanner for under $1000 but hey I know mac laptops are worth a bit more trouble and money.

ME - 18:53:00 / 2004.10.04 #

1 payment with 1 check = computer that day.
The joys of mass produced microshaft stuff.

Mark - 19:38:00 / 2004.10.04 #

New laptop:$1200
Dealing with bank, Free
Being able to laugh at ignorant PC users: Priceless

The problem was with my bank, not apple. $1000 dollar limit period. Even then Apple cleared it up with very little effort on my part

'sides a similar Dell or HP would cost me $200-$300 more than the iBook - and then I'd have to figure in the cost of software migration. With desktops the PC side has a clear advantage, but Apple is extremely competitive on the laptop side of things.

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