21.39.18 - Mark

Ahhhhh!!! The frustration is getting to me MAD! I've been saving up for an iBook for over a year and I am within 24 hours of ordering it. I'll have the last of the cash at my bank tomorrow morning before I go to class and have every intention of buying it soon after I get home.

12"/1GHz G4/ Combo DVD CDRW drive/256MB/40GB/Airport. At least 4x faster than my current desktop, multitudes faster than my best powerbook.

Until then I'm going nuts. Hell I haven't spent a dime in the last month (literally!) I can't wait to be able to spend money again.

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ME - 16:35:00 / 2004.09.24 #

(Stupid thought:Piss Mark off... and I mean piss)
You should buy a Hewlett Packard!
Microsoft rocks!!!
Mission THOUROUGHLY accomplished:)

Mark - 16:47:00 / 2004.09.24 #

Mission Failure!

I recommended that my brother get a compaq, which is a HP sub-brand. He loves it and I even use it on occasion. Furthermore all the printers I have ever owned have been HPs. They make some good stuff (and the have a license to sell Apple iPods). However all name brand PCs are over priced for what you get.

Can't help you about the Microsoft stuff tho'. Maybe you should get off the hallucinogens...

Ivan - 22:15:00 / 2004.09.24 #

Well, congrats on the new compie.

Though, 256 megs has me a little worried. I hope you have money for RAM.

Mark - 23:00:00 / 2004.09.24 #

Will after the $200 rebate clears. Thanks to that and my educational discount the iBook is more than $300 below MSRP :) A 256MB stick of RAM (to get it to 512MB) costs $90 from Apple. I can get it up to 768 for less than that if I do the install myself.

'sides OS X and its BSD underpinnings are much better about RAM than that windows thing. I can squeak by with 256 for a few weeks.

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