16.18.07 - Mark

I already have a USB flash drive I love, and its built right into an Ink pen, but damn these are nice. The only downfall to them is the $250+ price tag. Even so they put a lot of force behind USB Drives as Fasion (Original New York Times link for those so inclined)

I was playing with the idea of hacking a thumb drive into a pen a few months ago, but now I'm tempted to get a small drive just to do something like that, I mean they look like they came out of an older FPS like Marathon.

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ME - 09:00:00 / 2004.09.28 #

Oooh! Shiny! Who makes your USB drive, what size is it and $$$?
I bought a 256MB SanDisk cruzer micro(works great with MICROSOFT PRODUCTS:)) but I don't know if I got a good deal.

Mark - 10:20:00 / 2004.09.28 #

PNY, but there are a few groups making them into pens now. The one I have is 128 MB and was $25 after a rebate.

Exact model at staples

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